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Discover the new HFS Mobile App for Offshore Banking

Being the first of its kind, the Harbor Financial Services (HFS) mobile app for offshore banking is educational as well as informative. It explains everything about offshore banking and allows the user to create an offshore bank account plan. It clarifies common offshore banking misconceptions, the benefits of offshore private banking, online offshore banking and other related matters. The app also introduces offshore corporations and how they can help setup an offshore bank account online as well as how they can help the depositors invest and grow their money internationally.

While the concept of offshore banking has been depicted in various movies such as The Firm and The Bourne Identity, the portrayals of offshore banking were misleading. The new mobile app attempts to set the record straight about offshore banking and everything that one needs to know about it.

The HFS Offshore Banking Mobile App contains information about the basics of offshore banking. It addresses some of the issues that surround this type of international online private banking. While offshore banking has been in existence for years, many people don’t have an idea of the details of opening an offshore bank account – its meaning, benefits, advantages and disadvantages, steps to apply for an account and the requirements for application. The mobile app for offshore banking by HFS clarifies all the misconceptions of offshore banks.

The mobile app is a complete package in itself with everything the user needs in just one place – an overview of what offshore banking is all about, knowledge of the user’s offshore banking needs, and a Complete Offshore Package that is designed solely for the user. The user learns from its educational content and its easy navigation makes it easy for the user to understand the details of offshore banking. The mobile app is currently available for both iPhone and iPad.